Strategy Development

Successful healthcare organizations have short, mid and long term success because they are constantly setting and achieving goals by working with experienced consultants who can help them grow and expand.

Accurite Health will be able to observe a healthcare facility and aid the organization in identifying opportunities for growth. This means that a private practice, hospital or healthcare system could become world-renowned, lure in the best staff and health experts, and become a leader in the industry.


To ensure that your brand will reach the right audiences, with the right messages, about the right services; we use our marketing research driven analysis and planning approach.

With extensive knowledge in healthcare operations, we begin by setting the best strategy in place for growth. We then implement the strategy improving the community's awareness and perception of your core services; thereby setting your marketing strategy for success.

The end result: Satisfied customers and successful departments.

Revenue Enhancements

Our Revenue Enhancement Services add substantial value to healthcare providers by utilizing action plans that focus on increases in patient access to existing services, exploration of new additional services, and maximization of current resources.

We use our extensive experience, comprehensive benchmarks from comparable hospitals, and general best practices to create action plans that will enable your organization to realize revenue enhancements.


Across the board in all healthcare systems, labor remains by far the greatest cost of business. Healthcare systems that do not efficiently manage their labor force tend to make up for this cost buy either increasing their fees and thus reducing the availability and access to healthcare; or by sacrificing investment in other departments and thus reducing the quality of care for the patients.


Measurable concepts that are quantitatively determined define efficiency.

In healthcare the biggest challenge to efficient management of health resources lies in disconnected patient care activities, highly variable service delivery, inconsistent quality and performance outcomes, reduced satisfaction for both the patient and provider of healthcare continue being a challenge to many management teams.    


Private physician practices, hospitals and healthcare systems are dynamic, complex organizations that are intertwined and include many interdependent functions. These organizations are subject to ever increasing internal and external pressures to effectively manage services and optimal use of resources.