Revenue Enhancements

Our Revenue Enhancement Services add substantial value to healthcare providers by utilizing action plans that focus on increases in patient access to existing services, exploration of new additional services, and maximization of current resources.

We use our extensive experience, comprehensive benchmarks from comparable hospitals, and general best practices to create action plans that will enable your organization to realize revenue enhancements.

Access to the market data and interpretation of its meaning are important elements that we use to lay the ground work of a comprehensive revenue enhancement program. Some areas we focus on are:

  1. Identify Areas of Opportunity within the Healthcare Organization
  2. Review revenue collection Processes and Workflow
  3. Demographic Analysis to determine important factors in the Primary and Secondary Service Areas
  4. Community Needs Assessment
  5. Service Line Reviews  to see how the organization can align itself to take advantage of those lost opportunities
  6. Competitive Analysis to and how the healthcare provider  can capitalize on them
  7. Accountable Care Organization and other affiliation opportunity reviews.
  8. Satellite Health Clinic value analysis and certification assistance where appropriate
  9. “Tune ups” of the initial plan to take into account changes in the environment and new opportunities. 


Successful enhancements will not only impact revenue, but will also allow your organization to meet its mission of providing quality patient care.  Accurite Health will develop solutions that are high value and low cost and concentrate on real, achievable results.