Across the board in all healthcare systems, labor remains by far the greatest cost of business. Healthcare systems that do not efficiently manage their labor force tend to make up for this cost buy either increasing their fees and thus reducing the availability and access to healthcare; or by sacrificing investment in other departments and thus reducing the quality of care for the patients. They also burden staff members to make up for the difference which in turn will lead to low morale and high staff turnover, exposure to very expensive medical lawsuits and a host of many other negative disruptions to healthcare system.

Accurite Health solution to this labor cost nightmare is a positive one; all healthcare systems need to work effectively and efficiently to increase their productivity. This will help you reduce the cost of delivering safe, quality healthcare to your patients while achieving organizational efficiency, without the negative consequences of workforce layoffs or other disruptive changes.

We will work with the healthcare system leadership teams to set reasonable targets for each department and gain support from department heads to meet their individual targets. Some of the deliverables we will focus on:

  1. Solving the right productivity problems.
  2. Eliminating process steps that do not add value to take cost out of every department.
  3. Evaluating and correcting if need be; the need to have at each role the right skills mix matching with patient demand. 
  4. Change inefficient processes (systemic/department) that have a negative impact on productivity.
  5. Get the metrics right – Know how you will track the metrics.
  6. Keep lean hospital cost productivity simple.
  7. Develop the lean hospital productivity solution in stages, each of which can be developed quickly. If it’s not working, stop or change direction before the potential loss is great, and evaluate alternatives that can work.
  8. Move the best hospital cost productivity options forward and discard those that don’t make the cut.
  9. Test each hospital productivity stage, before moving to the next.
  10. Communicate openly and often with the internal teams to make sure listening is part of the continuous process.
  11. Eliminate any error that may have crept into the hospital productivity program.


All solutions that Accurite Health develops are not of the "cookie cutter" type, one size fits all. We will consider variables unique to your organization and offer a custom solution to meet the very specific needs of each organization. In a nutshell, we view productivity as having the Right People, at the Right Place, performing the Right Role and at the Right Time. Staffing and operational methodologies will be assessed with recommendations for productivity optimization that ultimately improves quality patient care.