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Advanced, Innovative, Integrated, Clinical Technology

Accurite Health is a health and medical care consulting firm and solution provider singularly focused on promoting the well-being and success of the people of Kenya through our services to hospitals, physician practices and healthcare outfits or systems through an unwavering FOCUS ON QUALITY diagnostics.

We help clients’ posses a competitive advantage by looking for ways to both improve the functionality,quality and profitability of their organizations.

By emphasizing on a sustainable high-quality health system, our consultants help clients align their resources and capabilities, identify weaknesses in their system and develop customized solutions to address their challenges as well as enhancing great patient satisfaction, the foundation of success in any healthcare system

We offer innovative, integrated solutions using advanced technologies to meet the client’s needs as well as facilitating growth. Whatever our clients’ needs are, from singular physician practices to national public health systems, our expert consultants will use industry best practices approach to identify and resolve the client’s needs.

Whether the opportunity for growth is in  IT (Hospital Information systems, Electronic Health Records etc), infrastructure or personnel related, we are equipped to develop, customize and implement solutions including using “best of breed” so that our clients may achieve the best ROI.

Our services are not limited to the ones mentioned here; please visit our services page to see our other offerings.